Success Stories

ComStar Security

Established in 2007, ComStar specializes in custom information security solutions, standing out with its green energy operations and innovative products. Expanding globally, they partner with DJI Enterprise Drones, focusing on R&D in the UAE, and emphasise ethical responsibility and customer satisfaction in the fast-paced tech industry.

ELECTRA: Pioneering innovation in the event industry

Knightrider Technologies: 40-year legacy in providing defense solutions

L&B Design: A tale of vision, dedication and success

Fala Group: Unfolding limitless potential

Spatial-Composite: Boosting clientele & global presence

Falcons.AI: Reimagining possibilities with AI

Swedinox International: Local food processors

Sparklo: Enroute to revolutionising recycling

Erith Group: Right time & opportunity for innovation

Filatech Industries: A journey of quick succession

Ahmad Tea: All that goes behind that perfect sip

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