+30 members

Started with a team of 9 and grew within 2 years

AED 7 million

80% of the Group’s revenue comes from exports

The Beginning

Erith Group, envisioned by Richard S. Edwin, emerged as a beacon of resilience in the tumultuous economic landscape of August 2020. Amidst the global pandemic, Richard saw an opportunity to innovate and seize the market gap, pioneering a high-quality sealing product and solutions supplier. Despite starting with a small team of nine, Erith Group rapidly expanded to over 30 professionals and by 2022, the company had launched its manufacturing arm, Erith Industries, in RAKEZ.

Driven by the vision of transitioning from a product supply company to a manufacturer of high-quality products, Richard aligned Erith Group's objectives with the UAE’s strategy, ‘Make it in the Emirate’ (MIITE). This approach, complemented by a customer-centric strategy, played a significant role in the company’s growth trajectory. The early challenges faced by Erith Group taught the team valuable lessons in adaptability, resilience, and the art of seizing opportunities, which continue to guide their operational philosophy.

“Follow your passion, embrace and adapt to challenges, value teamwork and communication, prioritise customer satisfaction, and have faith in yourself and your team.”

Richard S. Edwin

CEO, Erith Group

Success Story

A testament to Erith Group’s success is its distinctive edge in the industry, with specialisation in critical and niche applications, commitment to sustainability, and access to global technologies. Transitioning into manufacturing high-quality products enabled the company to provide a comprehensive end-to-end experience to its customers, setting it apart from competitors.

Erith Group’s core values lay in innovation and sustainability, reflected in its continuous improvement strategies and integration of sustainable practices into R&D processes. The results are products that promote resource efficiency and minimise environmental impact. A key milestone was the establishment of Erith's manufacturing operations in line with the MIITE initiative. This development, supported by RAKEZ, led to business worth over AED 7 million within the first eight months, with exports accounting for 80% of the revenue.

Recognised as one of the top 10 golden manufacturers on ADNOC’s list for 2022 and Richard winning the Asia One Award, underscore Erith Group’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

The Future

The Group’s vision includes a significant expansion of its services and geographical reach. The company aspires to become a group advisor for its clients, delivering a holistic suite of services. With the first overseas office in Chennai, India, the company plans to extend its footprint to Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. Erith also plans to launch new product lines such as expansion joints, valves, and high-pressure wall penetration seals, which will be locally manufactured leveraging European and US technology.

Richard’s advice to future entrepreneurs encompasses several elements: follow your passion, embrace and adapt to challenges, value teamwork and communication, prioritise customer satisfaction, and have faith in yourself and your team. He highlights that the UAE, bolstered by entities like RAKEZ, provides an ideal environment for launching and nurturing businesses.

Throughout Erith Group’s journey, RAKEZ played a crucial role in facilitating processes from company registration to obtaining necessary licenses, and even providing suitable infrastructure. Their valuable resources, such as power and water utilities, assigned account managers, and exemplary customer service, streamlined Erith’s transition into manufacturing. Additionally, RAKEZ facilitated Erith’s collaborations with universities and research facilities at the RAKEZ education forum, and provided insights into regulatory changes through sessions with government bodies. Such continuous support and networking opportunities have been integral to Erith Group's success story.

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