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RVMs installed the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar


Starts UAE operations in Year of Sustainability

Sparklo, a forward-thinking cleantech company, took its first steps towards revolutionising the recycling industry from its base at the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ). The company, led by founder Maxim Kaplevich, is dedicated to producing and operating reverse vending machines (RVMs), transforming the process of recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans into a simple, rewarding experience.

Sparklo's vision extends beyond merely addressing waste pollution; the team is set to change the narrative around recycling. The goal was to seamlessly integrate recycling into daily life, making it a fun, rewarding, and effortless endeavour. In essence, Sparklo aimed to tackle the 'plastic problem' at its root by fostering a community-wide shift in lifestyle and habits.

To realize this vision, Sparklo established a production unit in RAKEZ's Al Hamra Industrial Zone. From here, the company assembles RVMs to be installed across the country, in locations as varied as residential communities and shopping malls. This strategic decision was instrumental in facilitating Sparklo's expansion into the MENA region, extending its innovative recycling solution to areas including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

In its journey, Sparklo received invaluable support from RAKEZ, which significantly helped streamline its operations. Their shared commitment to sustainability fosters a meaningful and impactful collaboration. Sparklo’s disruptive and green approach to recycling fell squarely in line with RAKEZ’s own sustainability initiatives.

Looking to the future, Sparklo’s ambitions remain undimmed. The company aims to extend its network of RVMs across the MENA region, making the recycling process even more accessible to communities. This planned expansion embodies the essence of Sparklo’s mission – to transform recycling into a universally adopted, joy-filled practice that contributes meaningfully to global sustainability efforts. Under Maxim's leadership, Sparklo exemplifies how businesses with innovative solutions to real-world problems can make a significant impact.

“We want to change the narrative around recycling! The goal is to seamlessly integrate recycling into daily life, making it a fun, rewarding and effortless endeavour. We are tacking the ‘plastic problem’ at its root by fostering a community-wide shift in lifestyle and habits.”

Maxim Kaplevich

Founder, Sparklo

Hear it from the team

Maxim Kaplevich, Founder, Sparklo

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