Its products make a splash in UAE & GCC markets

4 years later

Filatech has international distribution warehouses

The Beginning

Filatech 3D Printing Industries was founded in late 2016 with a mission of developing and manufacturing 3D filaments for additive manufacturing. Production started in May 2017, and by July, the first products were launched. Over the years, the product range expanded to 15 different types, serving customers in various industries. Distribution warehouses were established in the UK and Germany, and online stores were launched on popular e-commerce platforms. Today, Filatech has a global presence with distributors in its B2B network and satisfied customers in the UAE, GCC, UK, Germany, Canada, US, and more.

The inspiration to start Filatech came from recognising the revolutionary potential of 3D printing. Challenges included introducing the technology to a niche market with limited awareness. However, the landscape has changed significantly, with numerous companies now actively utilising 3D printing technology. Early lessons included the importance of a clear vision, hard work, networking, and adaptability. These lessons continue to shape Filatech's approach to steering the company and have contributed to its growth.

“Set ambitious goals, dedicate yourself to learning and strategising, put in relentless effort, and most importantly, maintain transparency and honesty with your customers and users, as they are your greatest allies in identifying areas for improvement and achieving success.”

Manoochehr Asgharzadeh

Manager, Filatech 3D Printing Industries

Success Story

Filatech stands out in the industry as the first and only 3D filament manufacturer in the Middle East, offering over 160 products from 15 different materials. Their competitive edge lies in providing high-quality materials at affordable prices and being the sole supplier of their own branded engineering products.

In terms of innovation and sustainability, Filatech goes beyond ordinary products by investing in research and development. They have developed a range of high-performance engineering products, such as FilaPLA, FilaCarbon, FilaTough, FilaFlex30, FilaFlex40, and FilaFlex55.

One notable achievement of Filatech is establishing the first manufacturing facility of its kind in the Middle East, located in the UAE. This allows them to proudly label their products as “Made in UAE” and supply their international sales network. Filatech is grateful for the support they received from the RAKEZ team, which has been instrumental in their success from the early stages of the company's establishment.

The Future

Filatech’s future plans involve establishing a new manufacturing plant for producing metal alloy powders used in metal 3D printing and other industries like power metallurgy and microfilters.

Their advice to entrepreneurs starting out: be ambitious, study and plan, work hard, and maintain honesty with customers. Feedback from customers is crucial for improvement.

Filatech is committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction as they grow and explore new markets and technologies in the additive manufacturing industry.

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