3 million

Defense and security personnel in +100 countries served

10 patents

Held by Knightrider Technologies globally for R&D

The Beginning

Founded in February 2014, Knightrider Technologies is one of the subsidiaries of MKU – a renowned defense and homeland security solution provider in India. MKU’s expertise spans across ballistic protection solutions like helmets, shields, and vehicle armor. Knightrider’s inception served as a bridge for MKU to extend its manufacturing capabilities beyond Indian borders.

Now, with a strong manufacturing base across India, UAE, and Germany, MKU and Knightrider, stand as one of the largest suppliers of Ballistic Protection and Optronic Solutions, serving over 3 million defense and security personnel in more than 100 countries.

Inspired by the strategic global position of the UAE, and with an eye on its robust logistics, MKU envisioned Knightrider. The goal? To be closer to regional customers and leverage the business-friendly environment of RAKEZ. This move allowed Knightrider to seamlessly understand UAE’s unique market demands and regulatory landscape.

“Our proudest moments are delivering multi-million-dollar projects on time, and serving esteemed entities like the Ecuadorean Police, Moroccan Army, and Japanese Coast guard”

Sumit Khandelwal

Director – Armour Operations, MKU

Success Story

What differentiates Knightrider in the defense industry is its 40-year strong foundation. Their dynamic response to evolving threats and advancing technologies has always been customer-centric. With almost 10% of their annual revenue channeled into R&D, they are consistently at the forefront of innovation. This commitment is evident in their 10 international patents and another 13 applications in progress.

Their offerings don’t just stop at innovative solutions. Ensuring global standards, Knightrider’s products undergo stringent testing and are certified by globally recognised agencies, including the National Institute of Justice, USA. Adherence to top-tier quality management systems like AS 9100, BA 9000, and OHSAS, further consolidates their competitive edge.

Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand at Knightrider. With a team of over 75 dedicated engineers across three locations, they relentlessly pursue advanced solutions tailored to their customers. Their state-of-the-art ballistic shooting lab in Germany is testament to this commitment, accelerating product development and ensuring peak industry standards. Additionally, a strong emphasis on eco-friendly materials and processes underscores their sustainable approach.

Knightrider’s proudest moments? Delivering on multi-million-dollar projects on time, and serving esteemed entities like the Ecuadorean Police, Moroccan Army, and Japanese Coast guard, to name a few. Throughout this journey, RAKEZ’s supportive ecosystem, from swift permit acquisition to robust infrastructure, played a pivotal role.

The Future

Knightrider’s strategic facility enhancements have catalysed their production capabilities and supply chain. As they march forward, their focus sharpens on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings, sustainable practices, and introducing advanced optronic solutions and ballistic protection gear.

To budding entrepreneurs, Knightrider’s advice resonates with experience: Embrace continuous learning, value customer feedback, be adaptable, and stay true to your vision.

Lastly, Knightrider’s growth story is incomplete without mentioning the continuous support of RAKEZ. From offering a favorable business location to networking opportunities, RAKEZ has seamlessly aligned with Knightrider’s global strategy, reaffirming its position as a business partner committed to growth.

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