ZoneActivity CodeActivity NameLicence TypeActivity Group
Freezone RAKEZ100049 Lifestyle Development Consultancy Services Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing
Freezone RAKEZ100027 Biodegradable & Compostable Products Trading Commercial Home appliances trading
Freezone RAKEZ3250007 Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Industrial 1
Freezone 515214 Global Positioning Systems (G.P.S) Trading Commercial Mechanical & engineering equipment trading
Freezone 749967 Restaurants Management Services Facility management
Non-Freezone 144002 Production of raw wool Professional Textile industry and its products
Non-Freezone 146002 Egg Production Industrial Poultry Trading
Non-Freezone 220001 Charcoal Production & Packaging Industrial Crop planting
Non-Freezone 910011 Execution of Petrochemical Industries Facilities Projects Professional Extraction of petroleum and other materials
Non-Freezone 1010101 Animals Meats Preparation Professional Meat and poultry industry
Non-Freezone 1010102 Meat Products Manufacturing Industrial Meat trading
Non-Freezone 1010104 Animal Offal Processing Industrial Meat and poultry industry
Non-Freezone 1010901 Poultry Meats Preparation Industrial Poultry Trading
Non-Freezone 1010902 Poultry Products Production Industrial Poultry Trading
Non-Freezone 1020001 Fish and Seafood Processing and Preserving Industrial Fish trade
Non-Freezone 1020002 Fish and Seafood Products Production Industrial Fish trade
Non-Freezone 1030001 Fruits and Vegetables Processing and Packaging Industrial vegetables and fruits
Non-Freezone 1030003 Fruit or Vegetables Food Products Manufacturing Industrial Food Industry
Non-Freezone 1030004 Industrial Potatoes Peeling Industrial Food Industry
Non-Freezone 1030006 Potatoes Processing and Preserving Industrial Food Industry

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