Fala Group’s current employee strength across UAE


AED 200 million investment in Al Ghail facility

The Beginning

In 1997, the tenacious Ihsan Kerbaj embarked on a new venture. With honesty, pure intentions, hard work, and AED 50 in his pocket, he founded his company in the UAE. Today, this second-generation family business, now guided by Kerbaj’s three sons: Koussei, Hani and Nour, stands as a testament to his words: “With honesty, pure clean intentions, hard work, and consistency, we can reach any goal we set.”

Over the years, Fala Group grew, expanding its operations within the UAE to Dubai and other emirates by 1999. In 2008, their footprint reached beyond the UAE, establishing operations in Canada and Syria, demonstrating the limitless potential of Kerbaj’s vision and the strength of his leadership.

“With honesty, pure clean intentions, hard work, and consistency, we can reach any goal we set”

Ihsan Kerbaj

Chairman, Fala Group

Success Story

Fala Group’s continued success is anchored by strategic partnerships and unwavering trust. In 2012, a pivotal relationship was forged with RAKEZ. Investing over AED 200 million in Al Ghail Industrial Zone, Fala Group constructed an asphalt plant, labour accommodations, and offices, and assembled a massive fleet of trucks and heavy equipment, complete with a comprehensive in-house garage for servicing.

This ambitious move saw their workforce doubling to nearly 2,000 employees across the emirates, a testament to their growth and vision. It also empowered them to undertake and successfully complete mega projects such as the extension of Emirates Road, Mebreh mountain road, Yabsa truck Road, and the upgrading of Etihad Road.

Throughout their journey, Fala Group has built lasting relationships with key governmental authorities including the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure, UAE G.H.Q Armed Forces, among others. These relationships, especially the strong bond with RAKEZ, have been instrumental in facilitating smoother and quicker business processes.

The Future

As Fala Group sets sights on its future, the words of its Chairman echo in its plans. Aiming to invest more in Ras Al Khaimah, diversify its business portfolio further, and seize promising growth opportunities, the company is primed for an exciting future.

Their diverse operational sectors, including construction, real estate investments, education, medical trading, e-commerce, and more, provide them a robust foundation for this ambitious expansion. Their journey so far has been an embodiment of their founding principles, and they look forward to scaling new heights with the same resolve and dedication that has brought them here.

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