4,250 m2

Current size of the manufacturing facility in RAK


Company expanded to UAE with factory in Al Ghail

The Beginning

The foundation of Swedinox International was laid in 1997 by Danish engineers and Saudi visionaries, with the goal of simplifying the import difficulties associated with food processing tanks from Europe. The team leveraged their fabrication expertise to build these tanks locally in Saudi Arabia, drastically improving shipment packaging and delivery time. In 2007, Swedinox expanded to the UAE and eventually built its state-of-the-art factory in Al Ghail Industrial Zone due to growing demand.

“Challenges in Swedinox’s journey were plentiful, from limited funding and workforce to licensing issues and customer acceptance. However, by learning from mistakes and maintaining a measured approach, we thrived ”

P.K. Shelvaraj

Founder and Managing Director , Swedinox International

Success Story

Challenges in Swedinox’s journey were plentiful, from limited funding and workforce to licensing issues and customer acceptance recalls its Founder and Managing Director, P.K. Shelvaraj. However, by learning from their mistakes and maintaining a measured approach, the company thrived. Today, Swedinox offers locally-produced alternatives to imported food processing tanks, providing not only international quality standards but also benefits like reduced transportation costs and faster delivery times. Innovations like reduced water usage in the food processing industry show their commitment to sustainability. RAKEZ played a pivotal role, aiding in acquiring necessary licenses and resources.

The Future

Swedinox plans to manufacture self-sustainable, solar-powered equipment within containers for easier export. They also envision using rainwater and incorporating water processing. For entrepreneurs, the company emphasises investing only in fields where one possesses comprehensive knowledge and encourages viewing business as an experience with money as a byproduct. As Swedinox moves forward, they advocate for amenities like waste recycle plants, recreational spaces, restaurants, and clinics within the vicinity to create a balanced and thriving community.

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