25 Jul

Corporate Tax Changes in UAE: Key Insights for 2023

Explore the latest on corporate tax in UAE, including tax filing requirements, penalties, and how to navigate compliance effectively.

The UAE, long known for its vibrant, tax-friendly business environment, has embarked on a significant fiscal transformation. This metamorphosis was symbolised by the historic implementation of federal corporate tax in UAE June 2023. As businesses grapple with these new regulatory dynamics, it is important to examine the latest changes and understand their implications.

Embracing the new norm: Federal corporate tax in the UAE

The introduction of the federal corporate tax in UAE marks a major milestone in UAE’s fiscal landscape, replacing the minimal corporate tax laws of the past. This move is aimed at aligning the UAE’s tax system with global standards, enhancing its international credibility.

The corporate tax in UAE regime has been structured in a manner that applies to entities of all sizes and types conducting business in the UAE. This includes LLCs, free and economic zone companies, offshore companies, branches of local and international companies, and representative offices of foreign companies. It has far-reaching implications on various sectors, affecting operational costs, profit margins, and necessitating a comprehensive understanding and re-evaluation of tax strategies.

Navigating compliance: Understanding the tax filing requirements

Under this new regime, all businesses are required to file a corporate tax filing in UAE, regardless of whether any tax is due. Non-compliance could lead to penalties, hampering a company’s reputation and its financial health. The freshness of these regulations makes a clear understanding crucial for businesses, both in terms of adherence and leveraging potential exemptions.

The added layer: Economic Substance Regulations (ESR)

One of the key tax trends that have emerged is the focus on Economic Substance Regulations (ESR). Introduced in 2020, it is the UAE’s answer to the global call against harmful tax practices, enhancing its standing as a responsible member of the international community.

Article 18 of the UAE corporate tax in UAE law requires that, in order to be treated as a Qualifying Free Zone Person (QFZP), the Free Zone Person should have adequate substance in the UAE.

Technological advancements: Easing the burden of compliance

To facilitate seamless compliance, the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has been progressively enhancing its digital infrastructure. The provision of electronic services, from registration to corporate tax filing in UAE  submission and payment, has reduced administrative burdens, enabling businesses to adapt more effectively to the evolving tax landscape.

The way forward: Embracing changes with RAKEZ

Adapting to this significant shift does not have to be overwhelming. This is where Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) comes into the picture, offering comprehensive corporate tax services and educational sessions designed to help businesses navigate these regulatory changes effectively.

From hosting webinars and in-person seminars to helping the members of its business community prepare to align with the new federal corporate tax, RAKEZ has been actively assisting companies with their specific needs. Our team of seasoned tax professionals and accountants stays abreast of the latest tax regulations, providing practical and efficient solutions that ensure not just adherence but also financial optimisation of your business.

RAKEZ’s comprehensive list of value-added services includes accounting, bookkeeping, corporate bank account opening, ESR and PRO assistance, registration and filing of VAT, corporate tax, and compliance.

To get RAKEZ support, do not hesitate to contact us.
Call on +971 7 2041111 or send an email to mazeed@rakez.com.


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