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How to creatively make use of a warehouse space for your business

The first thing that may cross one’s mind when asked to picture a warehouse space, could be a vast storage unit. Others could associate it with a manufacturing unit with various raw materials and designated areas for assembling, loading and unloading goods. You would be surprised to learn how some companies in the UAE make creative use of warehouses for different types of business activities.

What is a typical warehouse space like?

Generally, warehouses are plain buildings with high ceilings in gated industrial areas and often without permanent partitions or storeys. However, in the UAE, many such units are located in residential and commercial areas and used by businesses as they can be customised as required.

For logistical purposes, warehouses are divided into aisles with vertical racks dedicated to specific inventories, lanes for movement of people and equipment used or shelving, retrieving, etc.

What is a multipurpose warehouse?

The possibilities of modifying a large, empty warehouse space to suit the needs of any business are limitless. Some are pre-equipped with basic provisions such as electricity, lighting, water, cables, toilets, etc.

Listed below are 10 out-of-the-box business ideas that can be set up in multipurpose warehouses. Read on to see if you find any of these feasible for your own venture:

1. Fitness centre

Fitness centre

When you have all the space you need, give your clients the option to engage in multiple sport/physical activities ranging from swing yoga and body mapping to barre cycling and group FIIT (frequency, intensity, time, and type) sessions. You have a lot of flexibility with sound and design in a massive setting. You could get art installations, do graffiti on the walls, have extravagant with neon lighting, build a swimming pool or even a spa to attract your target clients and give them an amazing experience.

2. Indoor sports facility

Indoor sports facility

With more than half a year of summer, there is no doubt that the UAE residents love indoor activities. Not only sports enthusiasts, but also those wanting catch up on some physical activity or their family and friends in a fun and playful environment could make the best of a giant indoor facility. Along with sporting facilities you can also house an equipment rental store, an outlet for sports clothing and accessories and a cafeteria too.

You could transform your warehouse into some of the below attractions:

  • Facility for group sports such as basketball and football
  • Multiple court set-up for single or double player games such as badminton and tennis
  • Training venue for competitive sports such as fencing, karate and weightlifting
  • Paintball arena
  • Go-kart track
  • Mini golf course
  • Skating
  • Wall climbing

3. Business centres and offices

Business centres and offices

Many corporates have been embracing open layout plans to boost interactions among employees. If you are looking to set up a contemporary office to accommodate a large team, a warehouse space is your calling. Another entrepreneurial idea could be to purchase an affordable warehouse, convert it into a coworking space and start leasing out. You may have to invest in the creation of the coworking space but the return on investment is worth it. 

4. Cafés and restaurants/Cloud kitchens

Cafés and restaurants/Cloud kitchens

Setting up a food joint in a warehouse is not uncommon in the UAE. Restaurant owners have plenty of room to get creative with the space. From an expansive dining arrangement and a stage area for entertainment to having an elaborate live food station, you can modify the place in several ways.

Cloud kitchen, also known as ghost kitchens or dark kitchens, have gained popularity in the UAE specially since the onset of pandemic. While in-person dining took a hit due to Covid-19 restrictions, online food orders saw an exponential growth in the last two years. Thus, the business of renting a pre-set-up, shared kitchen to fulfil delivery demands also grew. You can lease a warehouse space, turn it into smaller kitchen areas and rent those out to multiple food businesses partnered with online food aggregators.

5. Indoor farm or poultry

Indoor farm or poultry

The first thoughts you may have when you picture a farm, may be that of green patches stretching across vast lands or lush terraces on hills. However, indoor farming, also known as vertical farming, is the future of agriculture as the growing world population is leading to rapid urbanisation and an irreversible spike in food demands. With this modern concept, you can manipulate the environment inside according to your needs. Some of the crops and vegetables that can be grown indoors include button mushrooms, strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, leafy greens, eggplants and peppers among many others.

For a poultry set-up, a warehouse can be divided into segments for coops, feeding area, storage and service rooms with controlled temperatures.

6. Retail and grocery stores

Retail and grocery stores

Setting up your store in a warehouse can save you the costs of having separate storage spaces and logistics as you could have all in one place – from quickly accessible inventories to swanky trial rooms and creative product display options. 

7. Event venue – A supportive hub for artists

Event venue – A supportive hub for artists

Professionals in the field of art, music and fashion can always make use of large warehouses to display their work in creative ways. You can easily provide a space for large art installations, host indoor concerts and open mics with food and beverage stalls.

You can also rent out the warehouse to event organisers. For some time, you can convert it into a farmer’s market, then you can use the same set-up for a pop-up flea market where artisans can sell their products. 

8. Dog/cat centre

Dog/cat centre

With most places restricting entry of pets, you can monetise by creating a space for our four-legged friends to play and chill. You can have a one-stop space for pet dogs and/or cats to play, get groomed, enjoy snacks, receive any treatments and make friends. This could also be a pet day care centre with plenty of area for dogs to run around and cats to lounge about.

9. Gaming arcade

Gaming arcade

Gaming arcades have never been a let-down for people of all ages across borders since 1970s. You can create theme-based gaming zone to attract not just the Gen Z fans and millennials but also the older generations. 

10. Dance studio

Dance studio

Larger dance groups often find it burdensome to locate a spacious place to huddle up and practice. Specially, certain forms of dances which include gymnastics and lifting require higher ceilings too. That is when your warehouse comes to rescue. You have the liberty to install appropriate lights, mirrors and supportive equipment to create a perfect dance rehearsal studio.

11. The list goes on…

From an open-roof movie theatre and a haunted house to a plant nursery and an aquarium, multipurpose warehouses can cater to a variety of business activities. So, let the creative juices flow and turn your business idea into a reality.

RAKEZ warehouses

RAKEZ warehouses

If you are planning to take a warehouse for rent in UAE to give life to your creative business ideas, look no further! Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) has several warehouses located near residential areas, the city centre and other emirates to help attract your target customers. Available in various sizes with facilities for car parking, you can customise them according to your business needs.

To view, book and lease these warehouses, contact RAKEZ on +971 7 204 1111 or send an email to info@rakez.com.


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