ZoneActivity CodeActivity NameLicence TypeActivity Group
Non-Freezone 3700004 Wastewater Treatment Professional Sewage
Freezone 4669225 Wholesale of Natural Fertilizers and Agricultural Reclamation Material Trading Commercial Agricultural equipment
Freezone 2011101 Green hydrogen Production Industrial Alternative Energy
Freezone 70200-03 Administrative Consultancy and Studies Services Consultancy -D- management, information and marketing
Freezone 64990-04 Real Estate Enterprises Investment, Development, Institution and Management Commercial Investment
Freezone 4630104 Wholesale of organic food Trading Commercial General Trading
Freezone 4663027 Wholesale of Paints Trading Commercial Painting and Decoration
Freezone 7210106 Technological Development Of delicate Internal Systems of Aircrafts Services Airplanes Trading
Freezone 4530005 Cars Tyres and Outfit Trading Commercial Vehicle spare parts trade
Freezone 4659902 Wholesale of Solar Power Equipment and Outfit Trading Commercial Alternative energy and space
Freezone 7110406 Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Consultancy Services Consulting - oil and water
Freezone 7110402 Oil and Gas Transportation Consultancy Services Transportation consulting
Freezone 7110922 Agricultural Projects Management Services Consulting - agriculture and soil
Freezone 4659308 Wholesale of Marine Equipment and Machinery Trading Commercial heavy machinery and equipment trading
Freezone 4669915 Wholesale of Plastic Products Trading Commercial Home appliances trading
Freezone 4659916 Wholesale of Restaurants and Kitchens Equipment and Outfit Trading Commercial kitchens trading
Freezone 7110107 Power Plants Engineering Consultancy Services Transportation consulting
Freezone 4620204 Wholesale of Horses Trading Commercial livestock and horses Trading
Freezone 8219001 Typing and Documents Photocopying Services Services Labor supply and employment
Freezone 4663021 Wholesale of Buildings, Windows and Doors Metal Products Trading Commercial Building materials trading

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