15 Oct

Starting Business in the UAE: Why RAK Free Zone is Your Remote Business Paradise

In an era where remote work and digital nomadism are on the rise, traditional business structures often pose challenges for those seeking flexibility and freedom.

This blog explores the transformative potential of RAK free zone as a nurturing hub for freelancers and remote workers, offering unparalleled benefits and opportunities.

Benefits of Business set-up in RAK free zone for Digital Nomads:

A.    Tax Advantages

Embark on a tax-friendly journey with 0% corporate and personal income tax, along with exemptions for VAT and tax-free dividends. Discover how RAK free zone empowers entrepreneurs financially.

B.    Business Flexibility

Delve into the variety of company structures available, the ease of business set-up in UAE, and the allure of 100% foreign ownership. Learn how RAK free zone provides the flexibility necessary for dynamic businesses.

C.    Visa Options

Explore the range of visa options tailored for remote workers and entrepreneurs. Uncover the simplicity of obtaining the new 1-year remote work visa, facilitating a seamless transition to the RAK free zone lifestyle.

D.    Lifestyle Amenities

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community of RAK free zone. From state-of-the-art co-working spaces to proximity to international airports, experience a lifestyle that complements your professional aspirations.

E.    Business Support

Navigate the comprehensive support services available for company set-up in UAE, legal assistance, and accounting. Learn how RAK Free Zone facilitates a smooth business journey with its dedicated support infrastructure.

Guide to Setting Up Your RAK free zone Company:

A.    Choosing the Right Business Activity

Explore the diverse range of business activities allowed in RAK free zone and receive guidance on selecting the most fitting one for your venture.

B.    Company Formation Procedure

Understand the streamlined process of starting business in the UAE, including document requirements and registration.

C.    Opening a Corporate Bank Account in UAE

Gain insights into available banking options and the straightforward process of opening a corporate account in RAK free zone.

D.   Obtaining a Remote Work Visa in UAE

Navigate the eligibility criteria, application process, and required documents for obtaining a remote work visa, enhancing your mobility and flexibility.

Making the Most of Your RAK free zone Experience:

A.    Connecting with the Community

Discover opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals through networking events, co-working spaces, and online forums.

B.    Exploring the UAE

Unlock the potential for cultural experiences, travel opportunities, and regional exploration while based in RAK free zone.

C.    Staying Compliant

Understand the Legal requirements for business set-up in UAE, reporting obligations, and tips for maintaining good standing in RAK free zone.


As we conclude this exploration of RAK free zone's allure for digital nomads and remote workers, the benefits of tax advantages, business flexibility, and a supportive ecosystem become evident. Take the next step towards your remote business paradise - contact us for personalized guidance or explore our comprehensive company formation services.

Ready to make RAK free zone your remote business paradise? Contact us for personalized guidance or explore our comprehensive services of company formation in Ras Al Khaimah.


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