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Unleashing potential at Compass Coworking Centre: A hub for freelancers and entrepreneurs

In recent years, work dynamics have shifted dramatically from traditional 9 to 5 setups to embracing the gig economy, freelancing, and a demand for flexible, collaborative, and tech-driven workspaces. Enter Compass Coworking Centre – a timely and opportune addition to the thriving business hub of RAKEZ. This innovative coworking space caters to the evolving needs of entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers in Ras Al Khaimah, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution.

With a variety of membership options from daily, weekly or monthly and facilities to suit all stages of business growth, Compass Coworking Centre not only provides a physical space but also fosters a collaborative environment that fuels creativity and growth.

The concept of coworking spaces like Compass has gained tremendous momentum globally, resonating with the shift towards more agile and remote working models. This trend has seen a significant upswing, especially in this region, driven by the growing number of startups, digital nomads, and corporates seeking flexible, cost-effective solutions for office space. Coworking spaces have become more than just shared offices; they are hubs of innovation and networking, offering a unique blend of professionalism and community.

Benefits of choosing a coworking space

Opting for a coworking space over a traditional leased office setup has many benefits, including the following:

Community and networking opportunities

Coworking spaces are more than just offices – they are vibrant communities that bring together diverse groups of professionals. In these collaborative environments, freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners can interact, share ideas and forge new partnerships. Regular networking events, workshops and collaborative projects further enhance these opportunities. This sense of community not only breaks the isolation often associated with solo ventures but also opens doors to new business prospects, mentorship and collaborative growth.


One of the most appealing aspects of coworking spaces is their affordability. Traditional office setups often come with high rental costs and long-term leases, along with the added expenses of utilities, office equipment, and maintenance. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, offer a more economical alternative with flexible membership plans. These plans often include access to essential office amenities and services, reducing the financial burden on businesses, especially startups and small enterprises operating on tight budgets.

Flexibility and scalability

Coworking spaces provide unparalleled flexibility, accommodating the evolving needs of businesses. Whether a company is looking to downsize, upsize, or requires a temporary space, coworking centres meet these demands without the hassle of long-term lease agreements. This scalability is particularly beneficial for businesses in growth phases, as they can easily adjust their space requirements as their team expands or contracts.

Access to amenities and state-of-the-art facilities

Users of coworking spaces benefit from access to a wide range of amenities and cutting-edge facilities. These typically include high-speed internet, meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology, printing and photocopying services, and communal pantries. Some coworking spaces also offer additional perks like fitness centres, recreation areas, and even event spaces, providing a comprehensive work environment.

Enhanced productivity and creativity

The dynamic atmosphere of coworking spaces is designed to boost productivity and spur creativity. The open-plan layouts and communal areas encourage interaction and the exchange of ideas, leading to innovative solutions and approaches. This collaborative environment keeps individuals motivated and engaged, often leading to higher productivity levels compared to traditional office settings. Additionally, the change of scenery and networking with like-minded professionals can provide fresh perspectives and inspiration, further enhancing creativity.

Why choose Compass Coworking Centre?

Facilities at Compass Coworking Centre

Compass Coworking Centre boasts a variety of facilities catering to different professional needs. These include open and private workspaces, a recording studio for audio-visual projects, a café for informal meetings or breaks, a dedicated event space for workshops or presentations, a fun area for relaxation, a comfortable lounge, and well-equipped meeting rooms. New business starters can also benefit from business setup packages with a business licence and UAE visa eligibility.

Coworking business setup packages

Acknowledging the differing needs and budgets of its users, Compass supports businesses at various stages and types. The business setup packages also come with UAE visa eligibility.

Licence types: Businesses at Compass Coworking Centre can choose from various licence types, including Commercial, Services, and Freelancer permits, each catering to different business activities.

Incentives for members: Members enjoy numerous incentives such as unlimited access to open workspaces, Mazeed value-added services, free locker usage, access to RAKEZ-hosted events, and comprehensive support through RAKEZ Portal 360 for licensing, leasing, and visa services. Additionally, members are eligible to apply for UAE residence visas, facilitating their business operations in the region.

Start your Compass Coworking journey today

Compass Coworking Centre is ready to assist with any questions and to help you choose the package that best suits your business needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out and discover how Compass can elevate your professional journey.

For more information on membership packages and amenities or to become a part of this thriving community, visit the Compass Coworking Centre webpage or contact us directly on +971 7 204 1111 to embark on your new coworking experience.


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