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Secure Self Storage Units for Rent in Dubai - Convenient & Safe

Embarking on a journey – be it for leisure, business, or any other reason – often means figuring out what to do with your belongings. In the UAE, storage space for rent in UAE offers a convenient solution for securing your items while you are away. But, what exactly is self-storage, and how does it work?

Self-storage refers to rented spaces, such as rooms, lockers, containers, or outdoor spaces, which individuals or businesses can lease for a short or long-term period to store their belongings. This industry has gained popularity in the UAE due to its versatility and adaptability to meet various needs, from simple domestic storage to comprehensive business solutions. Moreover, given that close to 90% of the UAE population is made up of expats, the residents are always on the move.

How self-storage works

When you rent an affordable self storage warehouse you receive a secure, personal space where you can store almost anything you want, as long as it is not hazardous or illegal. You are generally given a key or access code to your unit, allowing you to access your belongings whenever you need to. Facilities often offer units in a variety of sizes, and rental agreements can range from one month to several years, depending on your needs.

The need for self-storage when travelling

As travel becomes more frequent and accessible, a common issue that arises for many globetrotters is managing their belongings while on the move. This section explores why storage units for lease are becoming an increasingly necessary solution for the modern-day traveller.

Challenges travellers often face regarding their belongings

When planning a trip, especially a long-term one, travellers are often confronted with dilemmas regarding their possessions. Carrying everything along is impractical and sometimes impossible due to luggage limitations on flights, and leaving items unattended at home can lead to security concerns. Additionally, imposing on friends or family to look after your belongings is not always an option or fair to them.

How self-storage can solve these challenges

Storage facility for rent provides a neat solution, allowing travellers to safely store personal belongings. Self-storage facilities in the UAE come in different sizes, are temperature-controlled, offer security for your belongings and can be accessible at any time.

Benefits of Using Storage Space for Rent in UAE When Travelling

Warehouse for rent in UAE offers myriad benefits, transforming travel experiences into carefree adventures.


Self-storage units often come with safety measures. With CCTV surveillance and security guards, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.

Space efficiency

Instead of cluttering your home or office, or struggling with limited luggage space, self-storage units allow you to neatly store your belongings in a spacious facility.


The lease rate may vary based on your preferred tenure and the required size of the unit itself. However, it is bound to be way more easy on your pocket than paying apartment rent in the expensive neighbourhoods of the UAE. 

Flexibility and convenience

With flexible rental periods and daily access self-storage facilities offer flexibility and convenience as you can rent for as short or long a period as needed.

What makes self-storage the most convenient solution

Alternative solutions, such as leaving items with friends or family or hauling everything with you, have their downsides. These options often lack the security, space, and convenience that self-storage offers, not to mention the potential inconvenience to loved ones or the strain of carrying excess baggage.

Choosing the Right Buy Self Storage Warehouse in UAE

Choosing an affordable self storage warehouse in UAE is as crucial as deciding to use one. Here are some considerations to make:

  • Size: Consider how much you need to store.
  • Location: Choose a facility that’s convenient for you to access.
  • Cost: Make sure the unit fits within your budget. Remember, the cost often reflects the quality of service, so consider what amenities and security measures are included.
  • Security features: Ensure the facility has good security measures in place.
  • Flexibility: Look for facilities that offer flexible rental options, so you are not locked into a long-term contract if you do not require it.

Tips for first-time users 

Start with a list of items you plan to store to assess the size of the unit you will need, inquire about insurance, read the rental agreement carefully, and check the facility’s reviews.

Time to travel light and explore the world unburdened with RAKEZ!
For reliable self-storage facilities, consider the ‘Travel Light’ summer offer by Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), which combines affordability, security, and convenience to provide an optimal solution for travellers.

With RAKEZ, you can get a self-storage unit in the UAE for just AED 400 per month! This includes a 5m2 or 15m3 air-conditioned unit, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, security guard, and daily access from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Furthermore, you can also purchase packaging materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, cable ties, etc. at the facility and use the readily available moving equipment like trolleys.

So pack your travel bags, and simply drop the access at RAKEZ’s storage facility. To book your unit, call +971 56 5362025 or drop an email to selfstorage@rakez.com.


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