17 Jun

5 Tips on Preparing for Business Re-Opening Post COVID-19

Is your business among the many that have been brought to a standstill during the current global health challenge? Such an unprecedented phase indeed, but the bright side is with a slowdown means we get more time.

More time to retrospect, regroup and of course, to think ahead and prepare for when the world gradually re-opens. As experts say, the way we do business is about to change and here are some tips to help you get ready for a successful business re-opening.

Cut unnecessary costs

Business downtime impacts the fiscal aspect of any company. Get deep into your accounting and cut overheads where needed. Do you have unnecessary software subscriptions? How about delaying your planned office renovation? Only keep costs that are essential.

Free zones and other UAE business setup authorities have launched various economic stimulus packages to help support businesses in these times of need. RAKEZ, for instance, introduced Client Support Boosters in the form of discounts, waivers and instalment plans to boost the resilience of its business community. It is worth approaching the business hub you are registered to and take advantage of similar support offered by them.

Go digital

One of the many lessons we picked up from this situation is that digitally inclined businesses thrive better. So, if your business is still brick-and-mortar with none of your products and services available online, it is definitely worth considering to redirect some of your budget to a digital transformation project.

Build a website or why not a user-friendly app? This is especially if you are considering to tap the younger market. Perhaps you can also put some of your cost-cutting savings to automating some of your business processes. Embracing technology help you reap greater rewards, so do not think twice on investing on it now.

Push content daily

Half of the world is at home and they are on their phones, browsing social accounts and connecting with people. This is your chance to build a credible social media presence and form a community of loyal followers that can potentially turn into customers.

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk advises on bringing value instead of taking it. In simpler words, do not focus on selling on social media. Share valuable content that are entertaining, educational and relatable. Injecting a bit of humour or tugging people’s heartstrings can go a long way in making your brand more personable.

Be more human

Speaking of making your brand more personable, the effects of the outbreak is not only on health but also in the way people interact with each other. India’s JetSetGo founder Kanika Tekriwal told Economic Times that people are going to come back very different and will need to be handled very differently. Simply put, businesses need to go down the compassionate road.

There are many ways to humanise your customers’ experience, such as checking up on your key clients via a quick call to see how they are doing and if there is any way you can support them. This is a good way to win their hearts, but what about your employees? Anne Farrel of Quantum Endeavours, Inc says that businesses, big or small, must create a culture that prioritises great care for colleagues. Your employees' experience reflect directly on your customers’ experience.

Ask for help

Simon Sinek, a renowned motivational speaker, reminds us that sometimes, all we have to do is ask. These times are strange and humility can save you immensely. Pivoting your business during a crisis is challenging and it is alright when you do not know all the answers.

Tap on your LinkedIn connections. Drop a message to experts in your field and hear their perspective. You will be surprised how many people out there are willing to share their thoughts, strategies and even personally lend a hand because helping feels good. Your employees are also a great and creative resource so do not hesitate to approach them. Always remember, great business leaders are not afraid to ask.

The business landscape is expected to transform post COVID-19 with everyone asking what will be the ‘new normal’? We will never know for sure until we reach that point, but trying out these simple tips can help you effectively cope and make a difference in the experience you provide your stakeholders.

Stay safe!


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