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The UAE is one of the best destinations in the world for savvy tech entrepreneurs to make their mark; and for established businesses to tap into new markets. High levels of investment and a wealth of opportunity, coupled with a fast-maturing economy and government innovation initiatives, means there has never been a better time to start or scale a technology company in the UAE. In particular, those operating in the country's fastest-growing sub-sectors such as fintech, cybersecurity and SAAS, can expect real wins – fast.

So, let's dig a little deeper into why now is the best time to start a technology company in the UAE.

What does the current landscape look like?

For an entrepreneur with a good idea and a solid business plan, the UAE is ripe with opportunities. In the past few years, the UAE has emerged as a global business and technology capital. Some of the world's biggest tech brands, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, are investing heavily in the region. But it's not just the big players that are capitalising on the UAE's unique innovation ecosystem – startups are, too. In fact, as per Forbes Middle East, the UAE is home to 33 of the region's 50 most-funded startups.

The pandemic has undoubtedly played an important role in this surge. In 2020, the UAE introduced sweeping measures to provide critical support for startups and SMEs. As a result, many businesses were able to survive – and continue to thrive. The year 2020 saw a record investment of USD 1 billion in startups in the region, according to MAGNiTT's 2021 report.

Post-pandemic, the region has seen a dramatic uplift in company setup in the UAE. It has become a preferred hub for remote workers, family offices and private companies.

Unsurprisingly, the UAE has also become a booming hotspot for entrepreneurs operating in the region's leading sub-sectors, such as fintech, SAAS, IT, blockchain, software development and cybersecurity. IT spending in the UAE is predicted to increase by 6.5% by 2023 to a total of AED 30 bn, particularly in cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity and IoT, according to GlobalData.

Hot on the heels of this exponential growth, many of the world's most ambitious entrepreneurs are flocking to the UAE to cut a slice of these fast-growing opportunities.

Benefits of starting a technology company in the UAE

With so much to say for itself, it's little wonder that there are thousands of new startups established in the UAE annually. But what specific benefits can the UAE offer entrepreneurs looking to start a technology company?

Strong government support

Governments at both emirate and federal levels in the UAE are committed to creating a business-friendly environment. This support ranges from funding and financial support, such as the National SME Programme, to setting up easy-to-access workspaces.

Ease of doing business

The UAE is ideally located at the heart of the GCC, with easy access to key emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Europe. This location makes it an excellent hub for expansion. What's more, the region ranks 11th in the World Bank's "Ease of Doing Business" index.

An ideal hotspot for innovation

Unlike many entrepreneurial environments, more than 90% of the UAE's population are expatriates. That makes it an ideal hotspot for new products and services, with easy access to a wide range of nationalities and demographics.

Excellent infrastructure

The UAE boasts a world-class road network, one of the world's busiest airports and a renowned shipping network. The region is also rapidly adopting emerging technologies to create an outstanding digital infrastructure. The UAE has even introduced a digital-centric economic growth plan with a focus on attracting the right international talent, investment, and entrepreneurs through digital economy-friendly policies.

Strong business support networks

For those already wondering how to grow a technology company in the UAE, there are dozens of business support networks to tap into. For instance, the National SME Programme that aims to provide financial support to grow businesses and overcome obstacles, to achieve better project returns and enhance presence of businesses in local and foreign markets.

How easy is it to start a technology company in the UAE?

The UAE is committed to making it as easy as possible to set up a successful technology company. Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) offers customisable solutions to both free zone and non-free zone businesses. We can help aspiring entrepreneurs like you navigate the setup process to launch and grow a successful technology company in the UAE. We also offer spaces designed to help your business thrive, from coworking facilities to executive offices.

When it comes to the cost of starting a tech company in the UAE, prices vary depending on various factors. To help our customers kickstart their dream business more efficiently, RAKEZ offers a comprehensive starter package for just AED 5,499. Guaranteed for three years, the package enables UAE-based entrepreneurs to enter the market with minimal investment and make the most of our wide range of value-added services. For more details, reach out to our helpful business advisors today.

Steps to start a technology company in the UAE

Setting up a technology company in the UAE is more straightforward than you might think, though it helps to work with a team familiar with local legislation and regulation. All you need to do is

  • Select your suitable legal entity, license type, activity and facility.
  • Submit application and all required documents
  • Proceed with payment & receive your business license
  • Open a business bank account to start your operations


Time to break into the tech world

The UAE has become an attractive hotspot for entrepreneurs, particularly those operating in the country’s booming sub-sectors. Today’s entrepreneurs can benefit from the UAE’s business-friendly legislation, incentives and infrastructure with minimal investment and an easier setup process than ever. But the time to act is now.

To find out more about setting up a technology company in the UAE, get in touch with us today. Call +971 7 204 1111 or drop an email to info@rakez.com.


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