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September 2019
Please be informed that we noticed a suspicious email sent out this morning to RAKEZ clients with a subject of “Temporary System Shutdown on 1 October 2019”, asking you to click on a link and for personal information, such as your email username and password.
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In order to support your business, we are glad to inform you that all companies leasing a land with us now have the option to sub-lease their plots, whether vacant or with complete structure(s)/building(s).   In order to sub-lease a property, the following requirements should be adhered to: Both the sub-lessor and sub-lessee should hold a RAKEZ licence and are associated with each other. The sub-lessee should be a subsidiary company of the sub-lessor or there is a contract between both par...
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We would like to remind you to participate in a short survey we conducted recently to find out the level of your satisfaction when it comes to the services we offer you.
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As part of ongoing efforts to provide safety assurance to you and your facility, RAK Customs will be conducting an upgrading on the fire safety systems at Customs Buildings. The exercise will start from 10 September 2019.
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