30 Oct

RAKEZ empowers its business community with digital marketing & AI seminar

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) launched its next phase of events for its community of entrepreneurs under the ‘Growth Series’ theme. The series kicked off with an engaging seminar -highlighting the significance of the latest social media strategies, the digital marketing revolution and the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in achieving substantial digital success for companies.

The session stood out as a groundbreaking and enlightening platform, allowing participants to delve into discussions about utilising advanced social media strategies to reach a broader range of potential customers. It emphasized the importance of exploring digital marketing to achieve the uttermost results in their business’ digital growth and success. Furthermore, the digital experts provided valuable insights and shared their experiences, shedding light on effective digital marketing and content implementation strategies aimed at boosting market awareness for SMEs and new startups.

RAKEZ Group CEO Ramy Jallad said, “In today's dynamic business landscape, digital marketing and impactful content are not just assets—they are the lifeblood that fuels growth, innovation, and connection. With the integration of AI, the horizons of what's possible have expanded exponentially. Every touchpoint, every click, every digital interaction, opens a door to unprecedented opportunities. But seizing these chances requires more than just understanding; it demands mastery and the agility to evolve. Our commitment is to ensure that our community of businesses recognises the immense value of social media, digital marketing and AI realms, and are equipped to harness their full potential. By organising events like these, we aim to bridge knowledge gaps, foster collaborative learning, and introduce a future-ready digital mindset. With the right tools, insights, and strategies, we're confident our clients can break barriers and redefine success in their respective industries.”

During the informative session, experts delved into the latest innovations in AI, discussing how businesses can utilise AI tools for content creation, editing, and implementation. Attendees expressed their concerns about emerging digital trends and the challenges of aligning the right strategies with their business objectives. Addressing these concerns, specialists offered deep insights and outlined a framework of best practices for them to adopt.

Clients across various sectors frequently attend RAKEZ community events, consistently gaining valuable insights and recommendations to enhance their business strategies. Nazira Connolly Founder and Operations Manager of EVAP Investment LLC Said , “I have been a regular participant of RAKEZ events, and I hold them in high regard. In today's market, these events are invaluable for staying current with digital trends and aligning with modern technology. Today's session has deepened my understanding of the importance of social media strategies, brand protection, and enhancing brand recognition. As a result, I’m now committed to investing in our company's website to showcase our work and achievements effectively. The event not only benefited my company's growth but also provided a platform for networking with industry peers and enriched my understanding of corporate tax intricacies.”

Similarly, Meenal Karani Founder of Boss Lady of Business & Bicep said , “The theme of today's event is profoundly relevant for any business aspiring to enhance brand visibility and reach their customers. While we have been utilising social media for our online presence, today's insights have equipped us to use these platforms more efficiently. We have gleaned key takeaways on how to leverage social media platforms to reach more and more customers, identify the right audience and their needs - as well as the role of AI in generating highly engaging content. Consequently, our focus will now extend to incorporating Facebook and WhatsApp Business into our social media strategy.”

Meanwhile, Ahmad Yahia Executive Director of Premier Business Solution Services, who regularly participates in RAKEZ events, affirmed the positive impact of these gatherings on the business community. He noted: "As the proprietor of a business consultancy firm, I came here today with the clear objective of understanding the tremendous potential of social media to broaden our outreach and connect with a wider clientele. RAKEZ consistently delivers invaluable insights, fostering connections, and offering innovative solutions that help us elevate our consultancy services to new heights. The impact of these events reverberates throughout our business operations, enhancing our ability to serve our clients effectively and navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape."

RAKEZ remains committed to empowering entrepreneurs and businesses with knowledge, connections, and innovation - As a staunch supporter of SMEs and startups, RAKEZ offers an ecosystem that ensures successful business ventures in the UAE, bolstering a vibrant business community, gearing up for an exhilarating digital horizon.


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