19 Jan

Higher Colleges of Technology students shine in RAKEZ work placement, bridging academia and industry

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) celebrated the completion of a four-month work placement programme by a group of ambitious students from the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) in Ras Al Khaimah. This significant initiative aimed to nurture young talent by providing them with practical, real-world exposure, thereby bridging the gap between the educational and professional spaces.

Higher Colleges of Technology students shine in RAKEZ work placement, bridging academia and industry
HCT-RAK students successfully conclude their work placement programme at RAKEZ

During their time at RAKEZ, the students were assimilated into various departments, including Customer Experience, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Finance, Engineering, and Human Resources. Such diverse exposure enabled them to gain invaluable insights and real-world professional knowledge in their respective fields of study. It also helped equip the next generation with the skills and experience necessary to excel in the competitive global market.

One of the students, Taif Ayman, said, “My journey at RAKEZ’s Customer Experience Department was a transformative experience. Overtime, I adjusted to the professional work environment. The support of my colleagues and the hands-on experience I gained truly opened me up to the vast possibilities of a diverse workplace. Working at RAKEZ has been invaluable, equipping me with insights and expectations for my future career.”

Addressing the students during the work placement completion ceremony, Executive Director of HCT Dr Yahya Al Ansaari said, “Most of us learn from experiences and grow professionally. It is important that students get exposure to workplaces in order to learn what they cannot from books. And the best places to learn from are the local entities.”

RAKEZ Group CEO Ramy Jallad said, “Throughout their time with us, the students have shown remarkable enthusiasm, adaptability, and a thirst for learning that enriched our work environment. Their contributions offered new perspectives, challenging us to think differently and inspiring us to embrace innovation. We are proud to have been a part of their journey.” He further added, “RAKEZ is deeply committed to fostering a nurturing environment where young talent can thrive. We believe in the power of mentorship and the importance of hands-on experience in shaping Ras Al Khaimah’s educational sector as well as the future leaders of our country.”

Director of Human Resources and Development at RAKEZ, Aysha Sulaiman, said, “Our work placement programmes are designed not just to provide practical experience, but to also foster a deep understanding of the professional world in a nurturing environment. The students’ enthusiasm and eagerness to learn energised our teams as well, and witnessing their transformation into confident professionals ready to face future challenges is a testament to the success of this initiative. Our organisation is committed to supporting educational institutions in shaping well-rounded, industry-ready individuals.”


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