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Top 7 branding tips for businesses

If you are planning to start a small company in UAE, one of the most important things to do is business branding. Building a brand identity for your business is crucial at the stage of company formation itself as you will be choosing your business name and location at the time of your company registration in UAE. The following blog revolves around branding tips for businesses.

Why should you consider branding strategies?

Regardless of how big or small your business in the UAE is or whether you are setting up a retail store or will be offering B2B services, you need a good brand identity to get an edge over your competitors in this evolving market.

Your brand tells your story to the customer. More specifically, it is a reflection of your product or/and service. Therefore, the process of creating your brand is a self-discovery journey for your business. Be it your logo and name or a catchy radio jingle, all materials related to your business represent your company, and thus, can work wonders for you if you do it right.

Successful branding 101

Here are the top seven ideas on how to build a brand for your small business:

Choose a unique name

First, make sure your business name is not similar to that of your competitor or any other popular brand in your industry. While it is important to have a unique name, you also need to ensure it gives people an idea of what your product or service is about. For instance, you may choose to name your company after a loved one or even yourself. It may be special for you on a personal level, but does it speak about what you offer or makes others curious? You even have the option of coming up with a unique name which combines two words accompanied by an explanatory tag line.

Design a memorable logo

The name needs to be accompanied by a logo. Put in a lot of thought into the colours and design of your logo. Just like the name, the logo should clearly represent what your company does. Moreover, the colours you choose for your logo will also be a part of your brand’s colour palette. All corporate materials and marketing collaterals, including office stationery, sellable items, website, social media accounts and advertisements, among others will have your logo on them. So, make sure it stands out.

Define your brand’s tone of voice

This is one of the most important branding tips for business. You need to define how you will interact with your target customers on different platforms. Collecting client data based on metrics such as age, education, profession, area, and more importantly, their needs, habits and desires, can help you understand how they communicate and how to engage with them. Through your brand’s voice, you have to adopt a personality that appeals to the customers. Your tone is the way you communicate with them, you could be professional, formal, casual, fun, positive, inspiring, strong, aggressive, proud, simple, emotional and many more. It all depends on which medium you are using to reach out to your target group.

Give your brand a ‘larger than life’ image

One of the most important aspects of business branding is to be bold with your messaging. If you and your team are passionate about what you have created, make noise. Introduce your service and product like it is the best in the market. Tell the world why it is different and how it will add value to buyers. However, refrain from presenting false statistics or testimonials.

Launch and be consistent

Once you have all of the above in place, you need to introduce them to the larger world. Start placing your brand everywhere – office, vehicles, online and wherever else appropriate – till people start automatically recalling your brand, even when the name, logo and tagline do not accompany each other. It is important you stick to your strategy and not succumb in the face of competition or if a particular campaign takes time to optimise.

Make the most of social media

Listed below are some popular ways of introducing your brand online:

  • Indirect marketing – Post teasers using your logo, tagline and name
  • Create a buzz – Feed bite-sized, interesting content to your audience without revealing your product/service
  • Quick followers – Try small giveaway campaigns
  • Hire influencers – Get popular social media personalities talk about or display your brand
  • Word-of-mouth – Have a small competition where people can win prizes by referring others to engage with your brand

Remember to be relatable, consistent and engage with your audience, as branding is not a one-time process, but a core part of your company’s identity.

Invest in building client loyalty

Although the world is going digital, do not underestimate the power of human interaction and traditional media, including print and broadcast mediums. Based on what your products/services are, you may host events such as road shows, sample giveaways and discounts coupon distribution. You also have the option to promote your brand via radio or television ads or print mediums such as newspapers and magazines to reach your target audience.

Get started

With the above-mentioned branding tips for businesses, you can start building the right team for research, planning and execution. Although, building a brand may appear like a grueling task, it will be worth your time, energy and resources one day. Lastly, do not forget to register your business, while you build you brand. Set up your company and get assistance with branding under the same roof! Simply get in touch with RAKEZ for quick and easy business set-up and avail MAZEED services for your business branding. Call on +971 7 204 1111 or send an email to info@rakez.com.



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