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The term “coworking” is probably one of the trendiest buzzwords of the decade, and will stay for the next couple more. Why? Coworking is more than just a passing trend, it is the future of working!

From initially having only three coworking hubs in the world, there are now approximately over 17,700 coworking spaces globally, which is set to rise to 30,000 by 2022. The number of individuals thriving in coworking is also set to hit 5.1 million in the same year.

So now that we know coworking will continue to skyrocket in the coming years, let’s take a closer look at why businesses are opting for coworking space in UAE.

1.Hassle-free upscaling & descaling

As a start up business in UAE develops, requirements can increase and decrease significantly. One good example is staff requirements. Some new firms work on project basis – this means that they may require to temporarily hire more people at a given time and then downsize once the project ends.

With a coworking space in UAE, owners can easily make their business more personnel-efficient as needed without having to tie themselves to long lease contracts. They can easily occupy more or fewer seats in a coworking hub and they will be good to go.

2.No operational headaches

Coworking spaces are situated in hubs that offer shared resources and amenities. They are fully equipped locations that offer meeting rooms, event space, lounge and fun areas, in addition to office desks and chairs, lockers as well as printers and high-speed Wi-Fi. Not to mention, unlimited tea and coffee are among the many perks.

Having all of these at disposal for your business in UAE without renting a proper office space is very cost-effective. Best of all, small businesses will also have an office address that can give added confidence to customers that the business is secure and trustworthy.

3.Better relationship building

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of public networking events with a bunch of strangers. However, building connections is integral to any business owner. So, what’s the solution? Join a coworking community.

Coworking hubs are a great place to build your network. They feature different types of businesses that are there to work and not throw sales pitches. This gives entrepreneurs better chances of getting to know people from the same field and even other backgrounds, as well as gain useful tips, advice and even future business opportunities.

4.Inspiring environment

UAE cworking spaces are specifically designed to attract people to work and have fun at the same time. The ambience is vibrant and welcoming that they trigger inspiration and help individuals get their creativity flowing.

Working from a shared space can keep spirits high, especially that it is a place where passionate entrepreneurs are working hard to make a breakthrough in the market. It is ideal particularly in times when ideas are running dry.

Finding the best coworking spot

Do all these perks interest you? Whether you are a big-time investor or have just entered the entrepreneurial force, joining a coworking community is definitely beneficial so it now boils down to choosing the best one for you.

To pinpoint the one that suits your needs, it is best to take a look around free zones in UAE and see your options. We encourage you to do the legwork and visit the actual location personally to see or experience what they have to offer. Best of luck on your search and welcome to the coworking world!


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