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The pandemic has shaken the world, but with the challenges also came opportunities. Specific industries are growing and the e-learning segment has definitely exploded in popularity.

Although e-learning has been around for quite some time now, it was in 2020 when it changed education forever and paved the way not only for education professionals but for experts in different fields to venture into entrepreneurship and make a business out of teaching their specialities online.

If you are an industry expert who is looking to set up a lucrative business, starting an e-learning company in UAE is definitely something you should consider. Here are some of the reasons why:

People are hungry for learning

If we look at Google’s search engine report, we will see that the keywords “online course” has been seeing steady traffic since early 2020. While there are tons of reasons for this trend, the top one is for individuals to upskill and remain competent in the more competitive job market.

E-learning is definitely in high demand. The Associated Press backs this with a report stating that the industry is expected to increase 10% each year until 2024, reaching a whopping $21.64 billion.

Gen Z is joining the workplace

Just when organisations have grown accustomed to Millennials, Generation Z is now gradually entering the workplace. They are the ones born between 1995 and the mid-2000s who currently make up 24% of the global workplace population. But why does this matter?

Gen Zs, otherwise known as iGen, are the first digitally native generation. This means that they expect technology to be interwoven in their everyday lives, in the way they communicate, work and even learn. Obviously, they are more engaged and willing to be taught via e-learning compared to any other forms of education, and organisations must adapt to avoid the skills gap. This is another clear opportunity waiting for you!

Does not need a big investment to start and operate Compared to other traditional forms of education, e-learning is way more cost-effective. When it comes to setting up, all you need is a license and you can train and tutor from your home or a coworking space in the UAE.

The best thing is that bringing your courses on a digital platform means you can reach more students or clients than you could through the usual classroom. You can easily teach people from all around the world without the need for travel, course materials, accommodation and other expenses.

E-learning platforms are everywhere

There are now so many e-learning platforms that are trusted and used by millions of people. This means, that you do not even need to develop your own system or a website to hold your courses. You can simply choose an e-learning channel, create an account, plug-in your courses and they will be available to the site’s members. It’s that easy!

There is no turning back – e-learning is here to stay. Now, the question is: Are you ready to plunge into the opportunity? There is definitely no better time than now to set up an online school in the UAE.


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