The notes below highlight common issues and essential information to be considered during the registration process. Please review RAKEZ’s Rules and Regulations for additional details.

  • Application for pre-approval is mandatory prior to the registration procedures.
  • A business licence is valid for one year, and the licensed company should either renew the licence or request official deregistration to avoid fines or penalties.
  • Licences are only valid in RAKEZ. Clients shall not operate outside the RAKEZ premises with the business licence.
  • Licences can be amended by request, with necessary approvals and payment of the relevant fees.
  • RAKEZ carries out inspections of facilities allotted to companies on a regular basis to assess their activity.
  • Visa approvals and business licence renewals are subject to each company’s activity and scale of operation.
  • Subleasing of facilities is not permitted.
  • Licensees are required to comply with UAE customs regulations.